Jr Ski Patrol

Welcome to Mt Brighton Jr Ski Patrol!

For over 10 years Mt Brighton has participated in a Jr Ski Patrol program to allow students age 12–15 exposure to ski patrolling. This is an opportunity for students to observe medical first responders in action, medical treatments, guest services and the hospitality industry, and general patrol routine, responsibilities, and comradery.

Students on Jr Patrol are assigned a specific mentor for one (2) hour shift per week where they job shadow and ski with their sponsor. There are no actual hands-on allowed, however students may learn as much about medical treatments and protocols as they want while on duty. A basic first aid class is offered every other year. Students are encouraged to help with routine tasks such as re-packing toboggans, making beds, and assisting their sponsors as requested during treatment by getting medical supplies and blocking accident scenes for safety.

If this sounds interesting to you and you have the skills to proficiently ski/board all hills at Mt Brighton, we would love to hear from you! Please see the attached downloadable description of the program. For further information and questions, please email MtBrightonJrPatrol@gmail.com.

Questions? Contact webmaster@mtbrightonskipatrol.com

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